"VARZ" uses only the best components in the production of equipment, the quality of which meets the standards of the European level and has been tested by time. We are talking about production from the BPW holding, which is a reliable world-class partner, the history of which goes back to the distant 1784. Its goal is to organize the transportation process at a more efficient, safe and predictable level for clients in the long term. Components from the German brand BPW open completely new possibilities with the help of solutions with an electric drive for urban logistics and digital networks for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers.

In order for all parts to meet high quality criteria, BPW analyzes a wide variety of materials using the most modern methods and numerous know-how in its own laboratory. It is this experience that directly affects the development of products that enter the market from the VAR3 plant.

Today, BPW presents the widest line of products, which provides the most flexible possibilities of its application. Bergische Patentachsenfabrik Wiehl is a leader in the production of axles and suspension systems intended for trailer and semi-trailer vehicles. At the production of all 13 plants, all norms and rules are observed (including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards), and environmentally friendly products are also produced. Annually, the concern delivers about 250,000 axles, in approximately 450 versions. In addition, other spare parts are supplied. A large assortment of components makes it possible to achieve economic profitability of production. Close cooperation with the supplier, extensive engineering services, ECO Plus chassis, convenient telematics and intelligent additional components from the BPW group make it the right, ideally suited, system partner. It is thanks to this that you can get high-quality equipment with individual logistics concepts to support your production process. BPW offers a complete set of trailer chassis from a single source: from axles and bearings to suspension, brakes and electronic braking system.