Conversion of vehicles (the chassis is provided by the customer, we install the superstructure, provide the VIN number of the vehicle)

The owners of machines, trailers and semi-trailers are not always satisfied with their technical characteristics, or due to various circumstances, it becomes necessary to change their configuration for the purpose of further operation in a slightly different format. For this reason, VARZ provides vehicle conversion services. After all, the purchase of a new car does not always fit into the company's budget, not to mention the use of a truck for personal purposes or as part of private driving.

Conversion today means changing the model, type, design parameters or purpose of a car by installing special equipment, body part, cabin or their parts, as well as number units that were not provided in the basic factory configuration of the car. It is worth noting that the company cannot carry out conversion at any request of the customer, as there are legal restrictions. It is about the impossibility of carrying out conversion, which can lead to a change in the total mass of the machine and its distribution along the axes, elimination of the center of gravity, changes in the main characteristics of the heart of the machine - engine, wheelbase, wheel formula, brake and steering control system, as well as transmission. /p>

The same types of conversions that are allowed require a responsible approach on the part of designers and conducting serious technical tests to check the vehicle for its safety for the driver and other road users. VARZ specialists use only modern technologies in their work, which ensure the highest productivity of the received equipment and bear minimal costs for its owner. After all, in today's world it is quite difficult to keep up with innovative solutions in the field of technology.

VARZ also provides Vin-code assignment services. It is he who provides the possibility of car identification. Thanks to it, you can get information about where and when the car was manufactured and what the basic configuration was from the manufacturing plant. This aspect is very important and once again confirms the competence of the company's employees, because they accompany the client at all stages of cooperation, starting from the design of an individual structure, ending with documentation.